Falconry equipment

FalconryequipmentFalconry equipment


Lure, largeVL0051 - Lure, large
Leather lure, about 18cm wide and 65gr in weight.
€ 20.75
Lure, smallVL0052 - Lure, small
Leather lure, about 10cm wide and 30gr in weight.
€ 17.50
LureVL0040 - Lure
Leather lure, about 19cm tall and 90gr in weight.
€ 17.50
Lure, largeVL0026 - Lure, large
Leather lure, about 16cm tall and 110gr in weight.
€ 17.95
LureVL0036 - Lure
Leather lure, about 22cm tall and 120gr in weight.
Comes complete with wings attached.
€ 26.50
WingsRV0010 - Wings
Pair of sparewings of pheasant, jay or woodcock.
€ 8.45
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