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Raptors in CaptivityFB0200 - Raptors in Captivity
Hardcover of 304 pages by Lori R. Arent.
Raptors in Captivity is a reader-friendly reference tool covering a wide range of topics from choosing a suitable species, to housing and transportation, diet, medical care, equipment, training and much more.
€ 49.95
Training birds of preyFB0031 - Training birds of prey
Paperback og 160 pages by Jemima Parry-Jones.
This book is of great use for both novices as well as experienced falconers and is about training and flying birds of prey.
€ 28.95
Hawking and Falconry for beginnersFB0051 - Hawking and Falconry for beginners
Hardcover of 208 pages by Adrian Hallgarth.
A comprehensive, and easily understood guide towards falconry and birds of prey.
€ 36.50
Hawking with Golden EaglesFB0071 - Hawking with Golden Eagles
Paperback of 176 pages by Martin Hollinshead.
This book paints a vivid picture of the eagle experience and takes the reader into the skies on a hunt for quarry and gives a full account of training and hunting procedures.
€ 26.95
Captive Raptor Management and RehabilitationFB0101 - Captive Raptor Management and Rehabilitation
Hardcover of 168 pages by Richard Naisbitt and Peter Holz.
This book covers every aspect of the care and rehabilitation of injured or starving raptors. An indispensible reference for every rehabilitator, falconer, zoo keeper, or aviculturist.
€ 44.50
Raptor Research and Management TechniquesFB0190 - Raptor Research and Management Techniques
Paperback of 464 pages by David Bird en Keith Bildstein.
This book is the thoroughly updated version of the popular, but long out of print, Raptor Management Techniques Manual.
€ 72.50
FalconryFB0021 - Falconry
Paperback of 232 pages by Jemima Parry-Jones.
This book covers topics like breeding in captivity, healthcare, illness, medication, rehabilitation.
€ 28.95
A Falconry manualFB0061 - A Falconry manual
Paperback of 198 pages by Frank Beebe.
This book is a comprehensive, extensively updated version of his 1976 out of print book, Hawks, Falcons and Falconry. Drawing on over fifty years of field experience and research.
€ 20.95
The Encyclopedia of FalconryFB0131 - The Encyclopedia of Falconry
Hardcover of 224 pages by Adrian Walker.
This 95,000-word encyclopedia contains some 1,500 terms and idioms relating to or connected with falconry, with explanations, derivations and notes. It is illustrated with photographs, figures and reproductions of old and antiquarian prints and is believed to be the first attempt to catalogue and review the complete English language of falconry as used between the late Middle Ages and the present day.
€ 72.00
The Bald Eagle of Alaska, BC and WashingtonFB0091 - The Bald Eagle of Alaska, BC and Washington
Paperback of 96 pages by David Hancock.
Biologist David Hancock shares over 50 years of experience observing the bald eagle with over a hundred wonderful photos.
€ 13.50
Captive Birds in health and diseaseFB0081 - Captive Birds in health and disease
Hardcover of 132 pages by John and Margaret Cooper.
This book promotes closer collaboration between bird-keepers and veterinarians.
€ 39.50
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