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Uilen van EuropaFB0160 - Uilen van Europa
Hardcover of 400 pages in dutch language by Theodor Mebs and Wolfgang Scherzinger.
This book gives a thorough and impressive view on the 13 species of owls in Europe. Every aspect is covered in detail such as: specific characteristics, reproduction, hunting, survival, enz. A great determinationguide with more than 300 unique actionpictures en beautiful drawings.
€ 49.95
Zakgids Roofvogels van EuropaFB0180 - Zakgids Roofvogels van Europa
The perfect pocketguide for every birdenthousiast.
Hardcover of 176 pages in dutch language by Peter Hayman en Rob Hume.
€ 17.95
Beter één vogel in de hand...FB0210 - Beter één vogel in de hand...
Hardcover of 224 pages in dutch language by J.T. Lumeij, D.A. Jonkers en J.J.H.G.D. Karelse.
A unique compilation of all dutch bird-catching methodes used throughout the ages. In the past usually for consumption, nowadays mostly for science purposes. This book tells about the special relationship between bird-catching, birding, falconry, egg-searching, culture, historic, science and wildlife-protection.
€ 29.95

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